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Hi Guys!

This week I decided to test out some Makergeeks filaments and I have to say, I was super impressed!

I came across the Makergeeks website when I was searching for some dishwasher safe filament so that I could print the Taco Train with easy clean up since tacos tend to be super messy.  Anyway, so I came across their Raptor PLA and thought it would be worth trying.  On its own, one 1kg spool will run you $37.48, and they give you a small discount if you buy more than one.  Now that price isn’t terrible by any means, however, it is more than I wanted to spend for one spool.

After looking around their website I saw that their PETG was also FDA approved for food and medical.  I thought it would be kind of nice to try that too and its price of $24.55 was much more reasonable for one 1kg spool.  It gets better, though.  There were a couple of spools in my cart when I noticed the limited time offer (which I’m not sure is actually for a limited time) and decided to check it out.  Turns out, if you order 2 spools and don’t mind not getting to pick the color you can get them for $18 each and if you order 4 you can get them for $15 each!  Talk about a kick ass deal!  There is one caveat, if you want a spool of the Raptor PLA, you’ll have to shell out an additional $15 per spool.

I went for it!  I ordered 4 spools, Crystal PETG, Maker PETG, Raptor PLA and lastly a spool of ABS.  These in total came to $75, with free shipping!  Then when I was at checkout, I noticed that there was a mystery filament option for $19.95.  I’m a sucker for mystery items.  Basically, with the mystery filament you can get a spool of literally anything they have in their factory even things that aren’t listed as available like limited edition colors or newly developed items.  In total I spent under $95.00 and received 5 1k spools of filament, making each spool only $18.99 each!  That a great deal for quality filament.

Watch my review for more information!


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