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Oops, I missed Friday!  Sorry guys, I’ll try to make up for it with an extra post this week!

First of let me start by saying- GO PATS!  They have made it to the AFC Championship yet again, and boy are we ready for a rematch of last years, hopefully it will be a good game, of course ending with the Pats continuing onto the superbowl!  Fingers crossed!

A few months ago, I got frustrated with my makeup case, it was ridiculously full of makeup.  I couldn’t close it and I had started an overflow basket with even more stuff in it!  Everything was all over the place and no matter what I tried to do, there just wasn’t enough room to organize it.  So.  I decided to depot almost all of my eyeshadows, and most of my blushes/bronzers to give me more room than those bulky containers.

After lots of research I found this was the easiest way.  In the process I shattered 3, and then found out how to fix those shattered shadows!

So, for starters, the equipment needed was
-extra large tin gift card holders (found at Wal-Mart around Christmas time)
-super hot flat iron (mine is CHI)
-wax paper to protect the flat iron, I’d assume foil or parchment paper would work as well
-magnet strip
-scissors to cut magnet strip to size
-silver marker to write on the back
-a sharp knife or letter opener to pop the shadows out
-and goo gone if necessary, although I didn’t need it

1. Turn on the flat iron and let it get as hot as possible
2. Place the sheet of wax paper over the flat iron to protect it in case you accidentally touch the plastic to it
3. Cut a piece of magnet to size so its ready when you’re ready
4. Hold the eyeshadow open in between the flat iron plates for about 30 seconds.
5. Carefully pry the shadow out with the knife.  I found doing this at the corner ended up with less damage than if I did it elsewhere.  (obviously not an option with a round shadow, but if its square thats the way to go.
6. Once the shadow is out of the container throw the container away, and attach the magnet strip to the back.  (they also sell magnet dots and various other options, I opted for the strip cause my local craft store was out of other options)
7. Write the name of the shadow (and brand, however you’ll know what it is to replace it once its used up) directly to the magnet.  I used a silver sharpie to guarantee the names would stay.
8. Arrange into your tins however you prefer and label accordingly if you wish.  I have 5 tins total.
-Blues and Greens
-Pinks and Purples
-Tans and Browns
-Most Used colors
-Blushes and Bronzers

I love these, they make my life so much easier, if I know I want to use a particular color I don’t have to search for it, just open up the tin and bam, its there!

Now, like I said, I broke a couple while I was doing this.  At first I was devastated, but then I googled how to fix it and it was actually pretty simple.

1. Take the broken shadow and place it into the corner of a ziploc baggie.
2. Hold it tightly with your fingers and use the end of a knife or spoon to break it up into much smaller easier to work with pieces.
3. Carefully remove it from the baggie and set it on top, careful to not spill it.
4. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the shadow, until mostly saturated, but make sure to not over soak it.  I used 91%, 70% works too but it will take longer to dry.
5. Wrap a quarter in an old t-shirt (we have a couple laying around as rags, I cut a small piece off that way I could throw it away when I was done).  Put a little alcohol on it so that too much shadow doesn’t stick to the fabric.
6. Press the t-shirt wrapped quarter onto the shadow until its firmly pressed into place.  Let dry and use as usual!

Here are the pics!

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