Man I’m Exhausted!

Hi Guys!

I hope everyone who had a great weekend!  Mine was great, busy but great!  Over the last couple of weeks we’ve painted our ceilings downstairs, our hallway walls and trim, our living room walls and trim and our kitchen walls and trim along with running wires behind our tv and fireplace and painting our mantle!  Talk about a lot of painting.

In the end I’m beyond proud of what we’ve done with a little bit of money and some sweat equity we’ve transformed our blank slate of of a house into a home.  I love it!  We should be getting our kitchen hardware tomorrow and this week I’ll be putting those on and then we’ll be done for a little while.

Needless to say all of those listed above on top of work and school is exhausting!  Thankfully this week is spring break at school so that gives me a little extra time to do some extra stuff!  I think tomorrow after work I’ll be filming a vlog for youtube (although I think I’m going to need to start a new channel, still trying to figure that out.  Stay Tuned!)

In the meantime here are the pictures of our painting transformation.  Hope you guys have a great week, talk to you again on Friday!

Oh and BTW- Happy Birthday to my amazing hubby- Nick!  I love you big muches!

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