Nails, Nails, Nails!

After years and years of trying to not bite my nails I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way I am not tempted to bite them is if they are perfectly polished.  Using a shellac manicure helps too, the thickness of the gel stops them from breaking, peeling or chipping for up to 2 weeks at a time.  (And if, and only if, you remove them properly, they won’t ruin your nails).

Here are some of my favorite polishes.  Plus one I detest (although it really is a fun color).

And the winner is nailsI am definitely loving Red Carpet Manicure.  Although I don’t own many of the colors, only 2 to be precise, plus the sensationail color.  So I tend to use it just clear and then use regular polish over the top.  Or since I get bored quickly I’ll use one of my three colors and after a week polish over the top of that for a refresher.

“And the Winner is…” is a beautiful shimmery teal color.  The only disappointment would be tToast of the town nailshat you really need 3 coats to get a rich opaque color.  “Toast of the Town” is a shimmery brown with purple undertones.  Again you need 3 coats to get that rich coloring, otherwise it will tend to look more purple with brown undertones.  As with any gel manicures be sure to follow the directions, always cap the natural nail and use an orange stick to keep the polish off the cuticle.

Sephora has a huge selection of nail polishes.  Brands of all kinds and all price points.  Although I’d love to get a particulaCaught with your khakis down nailsr green Illamasqua polish, it is out of my price point.  However I found 2 Sephora brand polishes on sale and I needed a few more dollars to get free shipping so I got them.  One I love.  The Sephora by OPI collection in Caught With Your Khakis Down is lovely.  A kind of light army green color, super opaque and very flat in color.  I only needed 2 coats to cover whicSephora yellow umbrella nailsh was nice.  As for the Sephora Collection polish.  IT SUCKED!  I absolutely hated it, everything about it, except the color itself!  I love the yellow!  The brush was misshapen and entirely too large for the size bottle.  The color was supposed to be a 1 coat and that’s all, but I definitely needed 2.  Which I normally wouldn’t complain about, but this bottle is a half size yet cost the same as the other one I bought.  Needless to say I returned it on my next trip to Sephora.

NYC bowery black nailsNail polishes are one of those things that I don’t necessarily believe you have to use the best of the best or the most expensive to get a nice manicure.  NYC Cosmetics were on sale for 40% off and I saw this deep charcoal color and a matte top coat.  Matte seems to be all the rage right now, but not knowing whether or not I’d like it, I didn’t want to spend a fortune.  Each only cost me $1.20!  Great deal, right?  I love them both!  The Bowrey color is a beautiful charcoal color.  It goes on smoOpi lazy daisy pink nailsoth and even, needing only 2 coats.  As for the matte top coat.  It worked perfectly.  Dried super quick (always important with a top coat), and dried to a nice hard finish.  With pastel colors it makes them look like sidewalk chalk, so that what I call them.  I’m not a huge fan of pastel colors but I own a few, I think this will help me get some use out of them.

And lastly.  If you’ve never use Zoya polishes, you shoZoya evvie nailsuld definitely give them a shot!  They are definitely worth the money.  Around the same price as OPI in a bottle of the same size.  These colors are super opaque.  I really only needed 1 coat!  Using 2 will help the color look richer and with some colors may be a necessity but with the 3 I got, it wasn’t.

Here are a couple of extras.  Nail art and seasonal nails!  Click to see the whole image.

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