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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been able to try some textured nail polishes, which seems to be really big right now, thanks to a couple of samples through Birchbox and a couple finds at Ulta.  I decided to compile a couple of them in one post to help with comparison.

WP_20140224_00220140224084944The first is by Ruby Wing, and I love the concept of it.  Nail polish that changes color when you go outside in the sun.  It goes on normal like a classic nail polish with chunky glitter in it.  The package calls for two coats although this is easier said than done.  It doesn’t apply very evenly, although you can get it to look ok.  My biggest problem is the gold color before it goes in the sun (and the color it is more often than not) is a little ostentatious for me being gold.  However I absolutely LOVE the outdoor color.  After looking at their website though, seems they have many other colors that I absolutely love.  I suggest putting a good quality top coat over this because the glitter tends to catch on things otherwise and pieces of glitter tend to flake off after a couple of days.  An a side note, it is nearly impossible to get off!  Even though I was using pure acetone!

Next is Nail Rock.  I loved this at first glance.  The color I got in my PicsArt_3_22_2014 9_28_37 PMBirchbox was blue, and the color is so rich!  The color on its own is the a deep blue that reminds me of a dark blue market.  It was really easy to apply and covered in 2 coats.  On the second coat I used the glitter on my ring finger and it looked great.  I used my birchbox top so that I didn’t make a glittery mess everywhere!  After a few minutes I brushed off the excess (although I wish it came with a soft brush to make this easier) and bam, I was done!  It looked great that night and the next day, but after that it started to wear.  By day two the edges were showing and by day three a lot of the glitter had come off!  It was really easy to remove.  So basically if you have a special occasion it would be great!  But don’t expect it to last more than a couple days.

PicsArt_3_22_2014 9_30_17 PMRoughles “On What Grounds” from Nicole by OPI is up next.  I got this in my IPSY Glam Bag.  I loved this color!  Its like a textured Tiffany Box Blue.  Although it reminds me more of Sully from Monsters, Inc. because of its purpley specks.  Its perfect for spring and I got so many compliments on it!  (probably the most compliments so far this year, and mostly by people I didn’t know at the grocery store or while shopping!)  It went on quite easily and covered nicely in two coats.  After about 3 days the edges started showing wear, but even at a week it still looked presentable (however I was getting bored with it, so I switched to Zoya’s Pasha for some springtime nudes)

Lastly is a Zoya Pixie Dust color Carter.  I don’t have a picture of this, or at least can’t find one that I thought I took!  Anyways.  Funny story behind this, I decided I would do my nails at the airport while I was waiting for a flight to Phoenix.  Bad idea apparently…  I got one coat on before we were ready to board!  And then our planes were running late so I couldn’t finish during the layover.  #NailFail…  Needless to say you really need two coats or else it looks like crap.  When we got to PHX I was able to put the second coat on.  Unfortunately the color went from a deep purple in the bottle to a light purple.  So I put a top coat on it which helped.  The texture of this was similar to that of the Ruby Wings, but chunks of glitter didn’t fall off which is good.  I liked it, and will probably use it again (and when I do, I’ll post an updated picture, in the meantime here is a stock picture from

Do you have any favorite colors for the spring?  And how are you feeling about the textured polish?

BTW, sorry this post is late, this week and weekend has been super busy!  Working on Monday’s post tomorrow!   Hope everyone has had a great week and has a great weekend!

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