New month, renewed focus

The last week was a rough one, my expectations were high, and I fell hard when they didn’t go quite as planned. Realistic expectations Is the name of the game this week. I would like to maintain my workout schedule doing at least 5 days this week, doing yoga at least 1 day. Lets stick with that as a start. When it comes to my diet, my goal is to eat a little less sugar. We are going to work with mini goals this week and hope for a slightly better outcome. As for the scale, I would like to see it go in the correct direction, but I am not going to get pissed if it doesn’t.

Nick and I revamped my resume, so hopefully that helps me snag a job.

Going to keep this post short and sweet. Today went well doing everything I was supposed to. And I am determined for tomorrow to be the same!

Wish me luck!

PS- TurboFire Fire60 is an intense workout to do when you haven’t done any TF in months! Holy Cow! But It felt good!

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