New Year’s Resolution!

So for the first time in years my new year’s resolution has nothing to do with my weight. This year my resolution is to simply treat myself better than I did last year. I feel for years I’ve been beating myself up over this that and every other thing and this year I don’t want to do that!

I am also hoping to blog twice a week, maybe on Monday’s and Friday’s. I’ll keep you posted on that!

Its been a while since I have written, and would like to get back to that, maybe on a weekly or every other weekly basis.  Not necessarily a resolution, but definitely something I look forward to this year.

And lastly, reading more.  I miss reading as much as we used to.  Part of it was getting sucked into a book that I didn’t like.  That’s the WORST!  You want to keep reading cause you bought it, but you’re just so not into it.  So I’ve put that book off to the side and maybe I’ll get back into it later.

I’m excited to see what 2013 brings!

What’s your resolution (if you make them, if not why)?

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  1. Bret

    I’ve got a ton of resolutions this year…my first one is get on you for not responding to me!!!! lol call, text or eml me!

    • LaurenRenee

      Ugh, I suck Bret! I’m sorry! I’m off for the winter again, so no excuses! Expect an email in an hour or so! xoxo (I think I have a wrong phone number for you, when I transferred to my new phone I think it didn’t transfer over all numbers, all I have is the 602 number)

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