Not again…

Weight – 134.8 lbs
Body Fat – 25.5 %
Body Water – 51.6 %
Bone Mass – 6.8 lbs
Muscle Mass – 43.4 lbs

So, again this week is a little off, now I might not think that just looking at last week and then this week except 3 days ago I weighed myself just to make sure I was doing better than before, and I was back down to 131.2, which was more normal… and then my dot started today… Sucks, but it definitely skews the results for the week. Hopefully by next week my body has regulated itself and I will be back to normal. Now onto how the workouts went this week.

Push Circuit 1 – I definitely pushed myself more than last week. I upped my hammer bicep weight which was good, the rest I just made slower and more concentrated movements. Good overall.

Push Circuit 2 – This circuit is hard. I’m having a hard time selecting the right weights. This week was better than last but still have a hard time. Hopefully next week I’ll have it fully dialed in.

Interval/Abs – I think I pushed myself a little too hard, there were a few times i couldnt’ catch my breath at all… So exhausted by the end that I’m going to do Abs later tonight. Abs were definitely easier today, not sure if they are stronger or becaues I waited to do it later in the night Still super difficult thought.

Push Circuit 3 – Can’t seem to get the sumo squat weight heavy enough and I’m at the heaviest weights I have. i tried going slower but it wasn’t enough. Maybe next week I can figure something out. So far this is my favorite workout. I feel so strong and able doing it. Did 4 pull ups before I started as well. =]

Burn it off/Recharge – Went well as usual. Sometimes I wish recharge was longer. Seems like a fairly easy day considering, even though I am still sweating like a pig…

So that was my week, next week should be good.

Wish me luck!

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