Nyx Femme Fatale

Femme Fatal (1)aWhen I bought this it was for one thing and one thing only.  The red.  I know it sounds a little ridiculous to buy a palette for one color, but I’d been trying to find an inexpensive matte red for months and couldn’t find one.  So I jumped at this as soon as I saw it.  On camera it looks closer to pink than red, but in person it definitely is red.  When you look at it in the pan it almost looks as if it is going to have a slight sparkle to it, but when applied that just disappears.  It isn’t quite as soft and buttery as the rest of the solid shades, but it is still workable.

Now that I’ve talked about the one color I wanted let’s talk about the rest.  This palette has mostly hits with a couple of misses.  I like that this palette is mostly neutral with the pop of red, that makes is really versatile and really user friendly.  You can do tons of different looks with this from simple to dramatic and everything in between.  The black is a beautiful buttery matte black.  Next to that is a cool toned brown that is almost grey.  This is perfect not just as a transition shade or simple crease color but also perfect for eye brows.  The ivory is just as pigmented and buttery as the others but has a slight sheen to it, not a shimmer just looks more like a satin than a matte finish, making it a perfect all over base and a perfect brow bone highlight.

Femme Fatal (4)a

The only two colors that were flops were the shimmer shades.  They aren’t smooth and end up coming off as almost chunky.  If you are going to use these I recommend using shadow shields or doing your foundation second because you will end up with a ton of fall out.  They are really pretty colors but really need some sort of creamy base to stick to.  I’ve used them a couple times and you can definitely work with them, they just aren’t the easiest.  The purple toned one is worse than the grey toned.

There are 4 different color combinations of this palette – Smokey, Natural, Adorable, and Femme Fatale.  Each have 6 different shades and retails for $7.99 each.  They are often available on sale at Ulta and you can you coupons on them.  I probably won’t be buying more of them unless they come out with a fun palette like brights or bolds since I already have so many natural and smokey type palettes.


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