On vacation

Well, I fell off the wagon, kinda… I was on vacation for my best friends wedding this week and I didn’t do as good as I hoped to. For the most part I wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t good either. I wasn’t eating balanced meals like I should have, I drank water and only water until the night of the wedding, so that was good. But I ate a lot of sweets… And last night Dave and I spent the night in Boston. We ate at a place called “finale” which was effing delicious, but I ate probably my entire day’s worth of calories in 1 sitting… we had both dinner and dessert cause of their $30 special. Which was so good, but it was so bad for me. I barely slept last night because of 2 reasons- 1, my stomach was KILLING me!!! It hurt so bad, I can’t even tell you, I was bloated and crampy, it was terrible, but then there was the fact that I just felt guilty for eating so poorly… Earlier that day we ate at Cheers in boston as well, and i had their petite cheeseburger, again, not healthy, but at least it was only a 1/4 lb rather than the 1/3 lb the rest of their burgers were. It was just a bad day overall for food yesterday… I was disappointed in myself. The day of the wedding I was good except for the 2.5 glasses of champagne and the 1 glass of beer… aside from that though the dinner was a caprese salad, grilled salmon on top of garlic mashed potatoes and spinach with mushrooms, and dessert was the cake, a white cake with a light strawberry filling and buttercream icing. It was pretty tastey, but overall when all i had was that, a few pieces of fruit and cheese and a small piece of coffee cake for breakfast it wasn’t too bad.

Hopefully I didn’t gain too much, I’m hoping only a pound or 2. I did work out 2 days while I was there, I wish I would have more… but what can ya do, you’re on vacation… Tonight I plan on doing an hour+ workout, to help me out, days on flights are never easy cause you just munch on flight food all day long… And being stuck here in salt lake city for 3 hours doesn’t help either… I only have 1 hour left till my flight takes off, so about 30 mins till boarding, I hope, I dunno, I’m on one of those tiny planes, the ones that are only 4 seats across and only like 15 rows… So I’m not sure when they attempt to board… Either way, If I could workout right now I totally would, but I think that would look a little odd in the middle of Concorse E…

Well I’ll let you know tomorrow what the damage is of the trip… Tomorrow I drive to colorado, but we are stopping in sante fe, nm, and my mom is all for working out, so we can just workout while we are there in the hotel, and I’m ok with that. But it will be a long couple days before things are back to normal, or as much as I can consider back to normal living with my future sister-in-law and her family…

Wish me luck!

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