One Hell of a Funny Lady


Normally on Thursdays I’m posting a video on YouTube but with school starting back up I had to cut back to one video a week.  With what happened today I thought I’d share my thoughts on Joan Rivers.

I loved Fashion Police.  It was one of my guilty pleasures.  I don’t Keep Up With The Kardashians, nor do I watch any Housewives.  But I loved Fashion Police.  Beyond the fact that Joan Rivers was funny, she did what all women should do.  Say what they actually think regardless of how others may perceive it.  Joan Rivers was a great comedian and after talking about it with Nick, We’ve come to the conclusion that there is no one who would even come close to replacing her as of right now.  (they closest we came up with was Sarah Silverman)

Whether or not you agree with her life choices or her love of plastic surgery or her style of humor.  You have to admit she pushed limits beyond what anyone else did.  She took the line that no one else dared to cross and she destroyed it, in epic fashion.  Her ability to not just cross that line, but do it with the ability for those she poked fun of to not completely detest her was an impressive feat.

Rest in Peace Joan Rivers.  You’ll be missed.

A fellow Joan Ranger.

image from E! Online

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