Onward by Howard Schultz Review

Let me preface this by saying- I am not a fan of Starbucks.

That being said, I loved this book.  It not only showed the inner workings of Starbucks, but it also explains what it is like to be a ceo of a large corporation.

It also shows the struggles of trying to bring a company back from its breaking point.  Aside from that it delved into the inter workings of the company.

I am still not a huge Starbucks fan but I do respect the hell out of the company for all its done, not just for its coffee farmers but for the world of coffee in general.

It is definitely a good read if you’re interested in coffee, or how a company can manage to come back, or even how an ex ceo can return and go with his gut.

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  1. Steve

    This man ripped professional basketball out of Seattle after 41 years. Want to know what this man is really like? Read this article:

    • LaurenRenee

      That all may be true, and if so that’s unfortunate, however that doesn’t change the fact that after reading this book I still respect Starbucks for what it does and has done for coffee. Do I respect him, maybe not, will I choose Starbucks over the local coffee house, definitely not. But it is an interesting look inside a corporation that is failing and some of the decisions that had to be made to bring it back in a floundering economy. Is he a great person, or great with an NBA team, that’s debatable, but was he instrumental in bringing back Starbucks? Yes (single handedly, no of course not, but a part of it, yes)

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