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On Monday we talked about the overall Ipsy bag and today I wanted to finish up the review.  So we’re talking the Pop Beauty bronzer and the Derma-e BB Creme.

I was so excited to see a full size bronzer this month!  And even more excited when I swatched this one and it felt so incredibly soft and buttery!  I feel like often face powders, bronzers, highlights, etc aren’t as soft as we tend to like eyeshadows to be, and maybe there is a reason for that, but for me it seemed like a fairly luxurious bronzer by touch.


The color isn’t super orangey which means it will compliment many skin tones.  It does definitely have shimmer through it which means it won’t be good for contour, but means it does give you a really pretty sunkissed glow (hence the name!). 


My overall thoughts on this bronzer is super positive!  First of all, I love that it is full size.  I love that the compact closes nicely and doesn’t have a mirror (to me that’s a waste unless it’s a HUGE compact!).  And I love how easily this makes my skin look glowing!  I usually dust it over the high points of my face with a massive powder brush to give me an allover summer glow.  As a bonus though, it’s also been a great crease color for eyeshadow, blending quite nicely with any other shadows!  The full size of this retails for $10 which means it paid for my ipsy bag on its own!

I’ve never been a huge fan of BB creams.  The only one that I’ve ever considered actually purchasing after sampling was an Asian bb cream, and that is totally different from the tinted moisturizer like western bb cream.  The only Western bb cream that I have liked was one that I sampled from birchbox by Supergoop. 


I actually really want to like a bb cream for their ease of use especially on a hot summer day where I don’t want to fuss over my face.  But they just don’t have enough coverage for my liking.  With my hyper-pigmentation from acne (click here for deets on that), I just need more medium to full coverage and these are usually sheer to light.


This one is no different, I wasn’t a huge fan of the scent and although the texture was nice, I just didn’t love the finish.  I felt like I needed to powder down a lot more than usual, and although it was a nice quick and easy foundation.  It just isn’t for me.  I’ll continue to try to find one that works for me, but until then I’ll stick with my favorite foundations.

If you are a bb cream lover you might really like this one, it did blend nicely and did match my skin color perfectly.  It retails at $29.50 for 2oz and is available at online at  Its not a horrible price for the amount you get.

What is your favorite subscription service?

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