Very happy with my progress this week, I’m now below my lowest adult weight, but I still have a lot more to lose. Its nice though cause my clothes are fitting loose, except my skinny jeans which fit perfect =] So happy with that. Start p90x on sunday so we will see how that goes.

weight 136.4 lbs
body fat 26.3%
body water 50.9%
bone mass 6.8 lbs
muscle mass 43.2 lbs

I’m only 2.4 lbs away from my 3rd mini goal. I’ve now lost over 20 lbs, which is a huge accomplishment, especially since I’ve been doing it on my own, no help aside from and Hopefully by next week I will be at my next mini goal of 134 lbs!

Today we are making a haunted gingerbread house, and carving pumpkins, I’m so excited it will be so much fun! =] I hope everyone has a great halloween!

Wish me luck!

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