Re Weigh In

Ok, so as stated yesterday it seemed like my results were slightly off and that made me really sad… So I decided to re weigh today because of eating and drinking yesterday before my weigh in and its a good thing I did the results were off and here are the newest-

weight – 142.8 lbs
body fat – 28.7%
body water – 48.9%
bone mass – 7 lbs
muscle mass – 42.9 lbs

I lost a pound and a half a percent of body fat! and my body water went up! I’m very pleased with the results in deed! It seems like a pound a week is what I’ll be doing and I’m ok with that, slow and steady is better than fast and burning out. I really feel I can do this, a couple more days till our 30 day pictures and I can’t wait!

Wish me luck!

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