Red Shorts

So, back in high school Nikki and I split the cost of these red shorts from anchor blue (back then millers outpost) and we shared them, later on she gave them to me and said to keep them. I tired them on today, and they fit, they were snug, and not quite as comfy as I remember them, but they zipped up and didn’t have anything hanging over the top! I was excited, so I then tried on all of my jeans and shorts, my other shorts are still a little snug, but I can zip and button them up now, before I couldn’t, but I still got about another 5 lbs before I can wear them again whereas the red ones maybe just a pound or 2 till they are comfy again. As for my jeans, all of them fit comfortably except 1 pair, which are still a little tight in the thighs and waist, maybe another 5-7 lbs till I’m in those, but it was really exciting to know that all the clothes I have right now fit me nicely except 2 things, which is something to look forward to. I weight myself tomorrow, and I’m going to add measurements to that too, I bought myself a tape measure so we will see where my measurements are at, not that I really remember where they were at before, but regardless it will be nice to start keeping track of. Just another thing to judge where I am at =] Over all I feel really good about myself today. I feel prettier than I have felt in the recent past, and I feel better about myself, which is always a good thing. I’m keeping myself busy with reading magazines and a book, to keep my brain active. Overall I am content right now… That is all. Oh and keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Wish me luck!

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