Refrigerated Pools?

Although today was a fairly uneventful day, I feel tired today. I kicked my ass in my workout (burn it up, slim in 6) and then went swimming (only for about 10 mins). Why you ask, did I swim for only 10 mins? Well… I jumped in just after my workout, dripping sweat, super hot and in need of something refreshing, and I jumped into the pool expecting it to be like 86 degrees or something around there, and it was 92 degrees… It was hotter in my pool than it was for a high in Denver today… How could that possibly be refreshing? Oh wait, it couldn’t! So I jumped in swam for a minute or two then jumped out to have the breeze cool me off (it was unseasonably windy today), did that a few times until I just didn’t want to anymore. You see, our cool decking got a new sealant put on it about 6 months ago, and it didn’t take, so the cool decking is about 120 degrees which was hard to stand on while cooling off… All in all, an annoying day for swimming. I know there are such things as heated pools, why are there not such things as refrigerated pools for those of us living in the desert? Aside from that, and cooking a veggie burger for dinner, I didn’t really do anything…

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