Revlon Top Speed

So I know this isn’t the newest product but its new to me.









Revlon Top Speed nail color in Ocean.

The color is definitely true to what you see.  And it does dry to the touch rather quickly at only about a minute.  However you have to let each coat dry completely before adding another coat or it will take FOREVER to dry.

I prepped my nails with OPI Chip Skip which worked great, without that the polish simply peels right off my nails.  I know I have fairly oily nail beds but still, within 2 days the polish had peeled right off.  Using chip skip I managed to make my manicure last about 5 days.  Which is average.

Keep in mind, the polish is thick enough that you could only use 1 coat, but in holding your nails up to light you might see thorugh them and see imperfections, so if this bothers you like it bothers me, I suggest two.

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