Sears Tractor Update!

After a long drawn out process we finally resolved the situation with Sears!  It was the longest most arduous process I’ve ever been through (and that includes 3 wedding celebrations and building a house at the same time)!  An update on what happened after my last post-

We ordered the new tractor and were told it would be in on the latest of January 21, 2014.

I posted my rant and my video on a bunch of Sears social media sites, 4 different Facebook pages and their twitter account.  Within 5 minutes I had responses on all of the accounts!  Wow!  Who knew that to get a response social media had the power?  Anyway- Each email asked me to send them my contact information and said that I would be contacted the next day.

I wasn’t going to hold my breath however shockingly enough I received a phone call the next morning from Joey at the Executive Offices.  After a long discussion I convinced Joey that all we wanted was for them to meet us in the middle on the new tractor.  I told him only 15-20% off, that’s all we wanted.  He agreed to 15% off the price of the tractor, that we would get a refund of $389.85 after we call in with a receipt number.

We called Mike Watson from the store and requested that he order us the newer tractor.  The YT4500 (the one pictured in the previous video).  We were told it would be in the weekend of January 18th.  That was 3 weeks away, but still better than nothing.  Finally relieved that we were going to have relief.  In the meantime though the snow kept falling.  As the 18th approached we talked to Mike who said the delivery no wasn’t expect till Monday the 21st, which is still that weekend.

The 21st came and went and we still didn’t have a tractor.  When Nick called he was told they weren’t sure when it was going to be arriving.  Online it was saying the 25th but they couldn’t guarantee that.  And to make matters worse Mike was being transferred to Bangor.  So we were basically put on hold until someone had an answer, although we were told we should be expecting it within the next two weeks.

Two weeks came and went with no word.  When I called the store I was told that unfortunately our tractor was back ordered until the end of February.  Seriously, it never ends.  But the Manager on Duty offered to order us the next tractor up from that, giving us the G5500 for the same price as the YT4500.  We were grateful because obviously its not only a better tractor but also because he said we would have it in 2 days.  I paid extra to guarantee a delivery time between 8-10am.

In the meantime I was given our receipt number so I could call Joey back to have our refund issued.  Unfortunately I called Joey back about a dozen times before we actually got a response from him.  When you call you’re stuck leaving a message, over and over again.

Tuesday the tractor arrived right on schedule, the Manager had even offered for them to not put on the mowing deck because it was going to be one more thing that we were going to need to take off to put the snow blower on.  And sure enough the tractor showed up with the brush guard, parts kit and mowing deck off to the side so we could just hook up the snow blower and be done.

Finally the next night I got a call back from Joey who tried to tell me I was going to only get $128 back in refund cause he could only give me 20% off the paid price (and once they subtracted the cost of the previous tractor we were at $780).  I laughed at him, and after an argument where he tried to tell me that I threatened to go to Home Depot for a tractor (which didn’t happen), and that he offered me 10% which I declined (which also didn’t happen).  He said that was the best he could do.  I told him that he shouldn’t have promised a refund of $389.85 if he couldn’t follow through with it.  I told him he could go back and listen to our previous conversation if he wanted where at the end I asked “so I will go get the tractor and they will deduct the replacement price, and then I’ll call you and you’ll issue me a refund of the $389.85?”  To which he responded yes.

He agreed to the $389.85 after that.

We can finally say that we have a new tractor and although we had to go get new chains for the tires (because they are massive compared to the YT3000).    Its a good thing too because the next week we had some of the most hellish weather ever!  Storms with heart attack snow following shortly by 8 inches of power followed by 12 inches followed by 6 inches!  In the last month we’ve gotten over 30 inches of snow!  Not sure what we’d be doing without the tractor.

We are still waiting on a check from sears for an additional $75 for the last 3 storms of snow removal.  Hopefully we see it sooner rather than later.  With everything being said, Sears has still not retained a customer, we will continue to go there for stuff regarding the tractor, since we have very little choice, although if Husquvarna stuff still fits it I don’t even know if we will, we might just go to Home Depot.  I never want to deal with Sears, Customer Solutions, or the Executive Offices ever again.  I’m grateful to say we finally have an end to this long horrific process, but I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

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