sensatioNAIL Review

So all us girls know about shellac and gel nail polishes.  and this is an at home system that can be used.  I bought it at Walmart for $50 and it includes 1 polish color and everything necessary for 10-12 manicures plus the light.

Step one, prep the nails.  File them, rough them up a bit, and clean with the nail cleaner.

Step two, 1 thin layer of base coat, cure for 30 seconds in light

Step three, 2 thin layers of polish color, cured for 60 seconds in light for each layer.

Step four, 1 thin layer of top coat, cure for 30 seconds in light

Step five, clean up nails with nail cleaner.

Overall it is a relatively simple process.  Although because the light is so small you have to do your thumbs separately, which makes it take longer than it should.

I also did 1 hand at a time, which seemed the better route to go.  One thing you have to be sure about is only getting the coats on the nail only, if you get any on your skin or cuticles it will cause easier peeling.

My manicure lasted about one week, which is a far cry from the two weeks stated on the front of the box, however I wash my hands about 200 times a day which is much more than the average person.  I would guess under the best circumstances you would get the two weeks, but for the average person, and the person who may not apply perfectly, expect closer to a week.

Upon removing I did notice that it didn’t damage my nails as much as the salon version did.  Removing also wasn’t as difficult as the salon version.  (best way I’ve found is to take a cotton ball soaked in acetone and place it on your nail and wrap your finger tip in foil.  Leave for about 5-10 mins, and the polish should come right off.)  You can also peel it but it does damage your nail bed more.

Overall, I would recommend it if you want your manicures to last a little longer and you don’t mind the extra time it will take to apply and remove.

Pictures to follow at a later date.

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