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the plastic piece stops it from getting super sharp…

So I’ve had lots of sharpeners over the last couple of years.  All of them sharpen nicely for about 6 months and then is all downhill.  Over the weekend I decide that I should pick up a good quality sharpener and the one I’d heard rave reviews on is the Grind House sharpener by Urban Decay.  It is a pricey little sharpener a $10.00! Ouch!  The question though, is it worth it?

Yes and no. 


blunt point

The answer is a little more complicated… The sharpener does work really really well, cutting through the pencils like butter, even the most difficult or plastic type pencils.  There is very little product waste and all of my pencils fit in the sharpener.

However, you can’t get a very sharp point on your pencils.  Everything winds up with a rounded tip.  This isn’t so much of a problem with eyeliners, but with lip liners and brow pencils it is.  I need my brow pencils to have the sharpest point possible in order to get the finest lines and in turn the most natural looking brows.

I decided to take this back to Ulta, and I have to say they were shocked! Thsharpenere girl was super helpful though and we sharpened a couple of different pencils and decided that the Benefit sharpener ($6) got gave the best point of the higher end ones. So I picked up that. HOWEVER – I also was at Target the other day and saw a NYC sharpener on sale for .75, so I decided to buy it and holy cow does it get a super sharp point. But that being said it doesn’t do quite as good of a job on the difficult pencils. So I’ll be reserving this for brow pencils only! 

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