Skin Problems Part 1

As many of you know, and for those of you who don’t, for the past year and a half or so I’ve had major skin issues.  After having beautiful and perfect skin (aside from a bit of dryness) for years suddenly my skin became a pimple haven.  In the weirdest places too, on my cheeks and temples, places I’d never had pimples before.  It was really devastating for me (as shallow as that may seem), to me I always had body issues, but at the very least I always had nice skin and a pretty face.  And not only was I battling with the body issues more than ever but I also had the skin and face issues to deal with too!  UGH…

Anyway- last December I went to the Dermatologist and was given a prescription for Differin Cream and an antibiotic and was told to switch to Cetaphil Cleanser and Moisturizer.  I did all of that, unfortunately my skin HATED the retenoid.  My skin became very sensitive (and its already pretty sensitive) but I ended up with rashes all over my face and neck along with splitting near my ears.  I called the dr. and was told to try it for a little longer that my skin was just adjusting.  But after 5 months with terrible rashes (although the pimples had diminished slightly) and irritation I stopped using it and just used a cleanser and moisturizer.

My skin briefly got better after stopping but it was the calm before the storm, my skin ended up becoming the worst it had ever been!  I went back to the Dr. and was told that I had 2 options, Aczone (a topical treatment) or Accutane (oral treatment).  I was given all of the info on Accutane and it scared the poo out of me!  So many side effects, of them many serious from birth defects to psychosis.  Yikes!

I started on Aczone, which is slow acting but at least it would be something.  A minimum of 12 weeks before any relief, but I was hopeful since I did not want to resort of Accutane.  After about 8 weeks I hadn’t seen any results, but I was out of my moisturizer so I decided to try something different.  My skin seemed to clear up a little shortly after that.

After not feeling like I was getting anywhere I decided to go to an esthetician for a facial, hoping at the very least to get some other opinions.  Jacqueline at Ulta was great.  At first she was a little stumped, and she recommended a couple of things for me to use to hopefully help.  Something she mentioned though stuck with me.  She said that when she eats wheat her  skin breaks out, she was tested and found out she was allergic to it.

Overall with her recommendations after a couple of weeks my skin had calmed down a bit.  A lot of the active acne had gone away but a ton of redness and scarring was left.   As Jacqueline said though, that isn’t going to go away over time.

More on this later.  I hope you guys had a great weekend!  See you Friday!

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