slightly disappointed

So its weigh in day… And I gained 1.4 lbs, however according to my fancy scale, all of that was muscle weight, which is good, and my bodyfat went down, I took my measurements today, and I’m down 7 inches overall. Here are the results…

Weight – 139.4
Body Fat – 26.9%
Body Water – 50.5%
Bone Mass – 7 lbs
Muscle Mass – 43.6 lbs

Neck – 13″ +.5
Arm – 12.5″ -.5 (x2)
Bust – 35.5″ -1.5
Chest – 32″ 0
Waist – 29.5″ -1.5
Hips – 38″ -1.5
Thigh – 21.5″ -.5 (x2)
Calf – 14″ -.5 (x2)

overall -7″, which is great for only 4 weeks. I wish I would have gone down in weight, although it is nice to see that I’m going down in inches and body fat. I bumped up my weights this week to 8lb ers for everything, and i think it might be too much, only because I really want to slim down before I bulk up, so I am going to go back to 5lb ers and see where I get with that, I am also going to start doing cardio again on sculpting days, but I’ll be doing sweat 1-2 so that I can make it through the entire sculpt workout.

Wish me luck this week

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