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Happy Friday!  I feel like it’s been a really long and crazy week, but the weekend is finally here, and we’re going to paint a ceiling.  But, that’s getting off topic.

As I had said in a previous post, I have a Birchbox subscription and I received a sample of the Full Exposure palette and mascara.  I was torn on buying this from the start.  I had heard mixed reviews on it and even though I look at it at Ulta, I didn’t know if the $50 was worth it.  That’s a lot to spend on a 14 color palette.

PicsArt_3_14_2014 7_15_57 PM

After trying it out (on the worst sample ever), I was still torn, but I had a $10 credit on Birchbox so it ended up being only $40.  I decided that it was worth trying, after all if I ended up not liking it I could just return it.

PicsArt_3_14_2014 7_14_57 PMWhen I first tried it, I wasn’t a fan.  I didn’t feel like the payoff was really good, and I didn’t think they were the easiest to work with.  Although they seemed to swatch nicely on my arm, it didn’t translate to my eyes.  I also noticed some creasing (although I had noticed that more with all my shadows since switching to an oil for a moisturizer).

I decided to give it a week or so of using it before passing judgement though.  And man am I glad I did, I’ve used this every day for the last two weeks and I’ve come to LOVE it!  They colors are so versatile that I can use them day or night, and day to night.   I began using a shadow primer and that stopped the creasing (NYX HD Primer).  And I learned not to be stingy with how much I was applying and how I was applying it.  I do wish the shimmers were more like the center color with more of a sheen and less actual glitter, but the glittery shadows do look beautiful on.

PicsArt_3_14_2014 7_23_55 PMThe brush it comes with is awesome.  The smaller side is almost identical to the MAC 239, and then other side is slightly smaller than the MAC 217.  I actually like it better than the 217 because of its size, the 217 sometimes just seems too big for my eyes.  Its also labeled on each side, smaller for shimmers and larger for mattes.

Using the smaller packed bristles in the shimmer drastically helped with the application.  It can still be blended with a larger brush and it doesn’t blend away to nothing.  The mattes blend beautifully into both the mattes and shimmers and they are super rich.


In addition to an actually usable brush there is also a little chart about eye shape.  I can see it being handy for someone who is just getting into eye shadow.  Although I did find it difficult to pick out my eye shape as mine is not quite round but not quite almond.  It gives you a couple of different options; one for day, night and definition.  And lastly it comes with a trial size Full Exposure Mascara.  The wand reminds me of Revlon Growluscious and Ulta Plush Drama.  However the formula goes on nicer than the Plush Drama and removes easier than the Revlon.  At first I didn’t think I would like it, but I do find myself reaching for it often.  I don’t think I would buy the full size, but I do like it.

PicsArt_3_14_2014 7_26_21 PM

Do you have any new makeup finds or anything that you’re loving right now?  If so I’d love to hear it!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  See you again on Monday, St. Patrick’s Day!

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