Over the years I’ve tried A LOT of primers, some I’ve liked better than others.  I was given an opportunity to try out the Smashbox Color Correction Adjusting Primer through Birchbox Birchbloggers.  (If you are interested in Birchbox Click Here and if you’re interested in BirchBloggers Click Here!)

I was really excited because my skin has always been slightly red but after the pimple issue, I’ve had some continuous and intense redness.  In the past I’ve tried 2 redness reducing primers, Ulta Professional (I used the entire bottle up!) and MakeUpForEver (used just a sample).  I liked both of them, but had my eye on the Smashbox version.


I’ve used a couple of Smashbox primers before, the original, the moisture, and the luminizing.  The moisture one is my go to in the winter and I love the luminizing in the summer, but with my redness I was hoping to replace that with the color correction one.

Here is my video first impression and review:

Overall I really liked it.  The texture was smooth and silky just like their other ones, and I do think that it helped keep my redness at bay (which really starts showing itself in the mid to late afternoon!).  It held my makeup in place all day and my makeup went on super smoothly.  My nose still go a little oily (my only oily area) although it wasn’t as bad as with foundation alone.

My only and I mean seriously, ONLY disappointment is the soybean oil that is in this.  Although I only have a very mild soy allergy, prolonged use of products that contain soy oil on my skin cause irritation.  That being said, I will definitely use this on those extra red days, it just won’t be completely replacing my current primer.

In addition to Birchbox sending me one to try out, they are also sending me one to give away to you guys!  So here’s the important information on how to win!

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