Lately I’ve sucked at writing on here, I don’t even know where to start… Well I kinda do, Last week was a poor week weight loss wise… I only lost .2 lbs, which is pitiful. but this week I was determined not to fall off the horse, and I lost another 4 lbs!!!

Today marks the end of my 3 week at p90x, which is thoroughly kicking my butt! But definitely in a good way. There was only 1 day that I missed working out, and instead I just pushed everything back by a day, so whereas today is normally my day off, I’ll be doing kenpox today. I finally got a pull up bar so that i could do pull ups yesterday, which was nice, except I didn’t have a steady chair to put my legs on which made it really difficult, my chair kept turning every time I went up… Hopefully next week I’ll figure out something better than that. Or maybe I’ll just move the bar to the bathroom door that way I can just put my feet on the sink which is super stable…

Overall the workouts have been good, last week i was really disappointed since I had tried my hardest and only lost .2 lbs, its disappointing, and you think wtf I’m trying my best with no results, why! but thanks to the people at, they really helped me to stick with it and keep going, cause there definitely are those days where you just wanna give up.

So far, I’ve noticed that all of the workouts are becoming easier and I can do them all without feeling the need to fall over and die after them, which is big progress cause that is definitely how I felt with the first week. Although I have had some shoulder issues which required me to cut back on my weights, over all phase 1 has been a success. Next week is measurements, so we will see where those have gone, I forsee large changes =]

Wish me luck!

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