Successful day 2

Well day 2 was off to a good start and definitely a much better finish than day 1. I did notice I seem to have found myself having a very short fuse lately… With little things, like dropping an entire place of chopped veggies on the floor. Annoying- yes, should it have made me flat out angry- no. But it did, granted I had that anger under control in a matter of minutes, but still. Quick onset anger like that over something so insignificant shouldn’t happen, and I know that. Unfortunately I’m not quite sure what to do about it. Aside from that though the day went well, I got all 7 things ‘done’ even with that little mini meltdown.

1- I convinced Nick to join me in doing KenpoX. Which I think was good for both of us not only because its fun, but because it gets out some aggression by punching and kicking. 419 calories later, I felt great, sticky and sweaty but great. Tomorrow is Burn Circuit 1 (Chalean Extreme) and some video game cardio via Kinect

2- Not only did I manage to eat healthy but I also managed to stay under my calorie goal and get pretty close to my ratios that I wanted. In all I ate 1450 calories which is well under what I was expecting. But to be honest I wasn’t hungry for more (until we went to bed then I started to get hungry, but that was well past the point of eating more food). Today I should be somewhere around the 1500 calorie mark which is perfect.

3- So I skipped the mani/pedi again. I wanted to do it, but just wasn’t feelin it. And after all my pedicure is barely a month old, and doesn’t really look like it needs redoing, my nails on the other than do, but I just can’t convince myself to do it… I did read yesterday, plus I enjoyed having a coffee while running my errands.

4- Done and done. Again not much else to say about this one, although I think my face is going through a little of the getting worse before it gets better phase. I’ve been told that is normal when your face system is working, pulls out all the crap before finally settling in on being normal. I hope this is the case…

5- Stressing less, this I managed to keep under control although I do lump the quick onset anger in this category. I thing it might have something to do with being overly stressed out in the first place, but I’m not sure. Either way I did get it under control in a matter of minutes so I consider that a win. Now its just a matter of learning to cope with my stresses a little better, hopefully working out more will help with that.

6- Finding a new job is a hard venture. Especially when there are certain criteria that it needs to meet, most importantly covering the bills. But also needing benefits (not just health, but also pto/sick time is important) and needing to be able to spend time with family while working which is unfortunately something my current job doesn’t allow much of. Its a long painstaking process that makes you feel broken before feeling uplifted. And after feeling broken all week I feel like I might be finally coming back around. I applied for another 5-6 positions yesterday and am hopeful about a couple of them as I see them actually being a fairly good fit for me. I’m not going to get my hopes up (as thats never a smart idea) but I am keeping my fingers crossed that even if one of these doesn’t pan out that I will find something that will, sooner rather than later.

7- again, since you’re reading these you see that I’ve been blogging. I think it actually helps me feel accountable for doing this and it also helps me sort through all of the rough feelings, the highs and the lows of my situation without (or with very little) judgment. And for that I thank you! =]

I think this will turn out to be a very interesting 6 weeks. And who knows, maybe come Easter I will have figured out what to do, and maybe that will take me along a new journey that I can blog about.

Wish me Luck!

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