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On Monday we started talking about the July Birchbox and the Ruffian Polish, then Wednesday we continued with Coastal Scents and Hello and today we’re completing this week’s Birchbox finds with the Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser and the Marcelle 8in1 Serum.

suki3I was intrigued by the foaming cleanser because when I first looked at it, looked like it has a bunch of bubbles or something in it and is a BRIGHT yellow color.  After reading about it, it says that it lightly exfoliates the skin turning into a foam with the addition of water.  I try to exfoliate twice a week, once with a glycolic toner and once with a cleanser but I haven’t found a cleanser that I really enjoy using.  They mostly feel too abrasive for my super sensitive skin.  This Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser is unique though, it has a light lemony scent that is pleasant and matches with the bright yellow color.  It feels like it would be too harsh but then you mix it in your hands with some water and it turns to this wonderful foamy cleanser that feels gentle on the skin and easily bubbles across the skin to lightly exfoliate.  Afterwards my skin looked brighter and felt softer.  I really enjoyed using it the one time I was able to.  Unfortunately I thought I put the lid on all the way but I apparently did not because the next time I opened it… hard as a rock.  Completely dried out!  I’m so bummed!  Oh well, but that is something to take into consideration, this comes in a tub not a tube, so you will have to dip your fingers in each time which isn’t the most sanitary and does leave it open to the possibility of it drying out if you’re not careful.  Overall, I really liked this gentle cleanser, but I’m still up in the air if I would repurchase it because of the container.  This cleanser retails at $32.95 for 4 oz. 

marcelleThe last item in my box was the Marcelle 8in1 Power Serum.  And I have to say I don’t know a whole lot about serums.  I don’t use them often because I never really see any difference when I do use them for a bit.  And this is no different, I used it as the directions said for over a week straight and I didn’t notice any change in my skin.  With it saying it shows results in as little as week, I was disappointed.  I was trying to find info on what its 8 claims were but I had a hard time finding that information.  It doesn’t have a spf so sun protection is not one of them.  According to Birchbox’s website it says about the ingredients, “When it comes to lines, they smooth, provide a filling effect, and visibly reduce even deep wrinkles.  They also firm, lift and strengthen, while working to boost radiance and improve the texture of your complexion.”  It may work great for some people but I tend to think less is more a lot of times with skincare and for me it seemed like an extra unnecessary step.  As serums go this one isn’t over the top expensive, but it’s not cheap either.  It retails at $34.00 for 1 oz.

So those are all of the products in my July Birchbox!  My August one just arrived in the mail, I haven’t opened it yet though (trying to get homework done), I can’t wait to see what’s in there!  Do you have a Birchbox or other subscription, if so why do you love that particular one?

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