Super sore today

So yesterday I did the biggest loser Cardio Max workout. I did a warm up, level 3, level 2, level 3 and then a cool down. And it kicked my ass beyond belief!!! I hurt so bad this morning. Kinda felt like I got hit by a truck or something… I didn’t let that stop me though! I did the power 90 sweat workout this morning with dave, and kicked my butt again. I didn’t slow down during the whole thing, I’m proud of myself for doing now 4 days in a row… Looks like it will be 9 days in a row before I get a day off, since Dave insists on taking Sunday’s off, and I didn’t quite feel like taking Sunday off, so that means 9 straight days for me. That means I’ll be kickin my butt!

Wish me luck!

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