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Last month I was lucky enough to be chosen by Birchbox as a Birchblogger to receive a couple of Supergoop! products and be part of their Google Hangout with Heidi Thaggard founder of Supergoop!  I was so excited to try out these products since I’m such an advocate for sun care after living in Arizona for so long.  I learned a lot about skincare and sun damage and different ways to help avoid it during the chat.  If you’re interested in seeing the recorded footage click here.  Over the next couple of days I’ll be reviewing the couple products I was given to test.  Lets get started! sg everyday1First let’s talk about their basic sunscreen.  It is called Everyday SPF30 with Cellular Response Technology.  In terms of a sunscreen this is pleasant.  It is quite the liquid consistency which doesn’t seem to go well with the tube.  If you’re not careful you can make a real mess!  I do have to say, I used this when we were outside doing our patio and although I should have reapplied more than just once, I did end up with the most awkward sunburn I’ve ever had.  It was splotchy and inconsistent.   There were random patcsg everyday2hes of burnt spots and around that was no burn or tan.  It was by far the weirdest experience I’ve ever had with sunscreen.  Aside from that though, it soaked into the skin nicely and doesn’t have a bad sunscreen smell.  It’s pleasant.  Overall I would recommend this, but you really have to be careful to apply regularly when you’re out in the sun!  This retails for $19.00 for a 2.4oz tube or $48.00 for the 18oz jug.


Holy Splotchy Sunburn!

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