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Real Techniques Brushes

Ok, so we all know that I have a severe makeup addiction, and I have for years and years and years.  But more recently I’ve decided to get rid of the things that I don’t like or don’t use and get things that I do like and will use.

Brushes were one of my first concerns.  I hate hate hate it when you go to put make up on and your brush sheds all over your face leaving little tiny hairs.  UGH, so annoying, so when I found brushes that didn’t do this I was in LOVE!



Real Techniques brushes are the perfect combo of soft and firm depending on the brush you are using.  They are super high quality, and there are brushes for just about everything you could possibly need.  I think my only complaint is not all of them are available as single brushes.  There is a eye kit, a foundation kit, and a multi tasking kit, and then the rest are available separately.  I bring this up because they are currently on sale at two different places. AND at UltaUlta has them buy one get one half off and sneakpeeq has some sets you can buy at a discount (plus its a pretty kick ass website).

Overall I love them.  They are reasonably priced, don’t shed, and help with flawless makeup application.  The creator even does makeup tutorials online to help you use the brushes or to give you some new makeup ideas!  I love it, so I wanted to share!

For Ulta’s website Click Here

For Real Techniques website Click Here

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