Tea Tree Disaster!

I never used to be worried about Acne.  I used to have beautiful skin.  That’s before this happened.  I’m still trying to recover from the problems my food allergies caused my skin.  From 6 months ago my skin is looking amazingly better but I still have a couple of those little tiny annoying under the skin issues.  Not the painful ones, just the ones that won’t go away.  In particular on my chin (you’d think hormonal except this didn’t start until the allergy, could be a coincidence, but like Gibbs I don’t believe in those!).  Anyway, so I can’t use benzoyl peroxide because my skin is just too sensitive (my skin swells up and it takes Benadryl around the clock for 2 days to get it to go away).  And it doesn’t seem like salicylic acid does much to help me at all.  So in looking for a new alternative I decided to try out the Tea Tree products from the Body Shop.


I bought the cleanser, a night cream and a little bottle of tea tree oil.  I figured I’d use the cleanser in the morning and use my regular cleansing balm at night.  And use my regular moisturizer in the morning and use the tea tree night cream at night.  That way I wasn’t over doing it.  I also figured the tea tree oil would be a good spot treatment.

Unfortunately my skin wasn’t a fan.  I tried to like them for a month.  And at first the result was quite nice.  My skin felt softer and brighter, but after a couple days I noticed some unfortunate results.  Deep cystic pimples started to pop up.  At first I thought maybe it was just my skin purging, but I knew better.  I stopped using these immediately and the nodes quickly disappeared from my face.

I returned the products to the Body Shop since I can’t use them (and picked up a body scrub and body butter instead).  I’m glad I tried them, I  now know to avoid anything with tea tree from here on out.

Are there any other acne treatments that work for you?

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