Time to Vent | The Haircut Debacle

InstagramCapture_c5e568ec-fc3e-456d-8457-f330b47668b9_jpgEver since I was diagnosed with food allergies I’ve had a hard time with certain products for my hair in particular.  At first it wasn’t that big of a deal, and to be honest it still isn’t except that its been 6 months since my last haircut and my poor hair is in desperateneed of a trim, but there are some things that make a difficult situation even more difficult!

I used to get my hair cut at Ulta, until I was told by the manager that I couldn’t bring in my own shampoo and conditioner anymore (keep in mind it was the Ulta Moisture s/c in the blue bottles), it was against their policy.  When I told her that she was basically telling me that I couldn’t go there anymore she didn’t seem to understand and said, “If that’s the way you feel.”  No lady, its not how I feel, its how my body reacts!

Ever since then I’ve had a hard time finding a place that either carries products I can use or will allow me to bring in my own products.  Brands that I can’t use – Bed Head, Sexy Hair Concepts, Redken, Matrix, and others.  There are a couple products from each of these brands that I can use, but overall the majority I can’t use.

I’ve been trying to get an ingredient list out of Aveda which is a whole different headache.  They don’t list full ingredients on their website and if you call them or email them they’ll only give them to you if you request a specific shampoo/conditioner.  And it didn’t matter how many times I asked if any didn’t contain peanuts, almonds, sesame or soy.  They either told me that they are not an allergy free plant or that nothing would work for me.  Not giving me any other details.

In the end, its just frustrating to have this sort of situation that is not the easiest and to have companies making it even worse by abating the situation or refusing to be accepting.  If you know of any shampoos or conditioners that are free of those things let me know in the comments below.  So far I know I can use Tressa, Not Your Mother’s, Ulta, Fekkai (most), and Neil George.  Unfortunately none of those are regular salon products.

Vent over.  Thanks for listening.  xo

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