To work out or not?

Today was my day to relax, or relax as much as one can when they have to work. I’ve worked out 6 days in a row and today I needed a break. It was a day for my mom and I, for us to both have a day off, one of a few before I move to Colorado. We had decided a few months back to try to visit as many Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives as possible in the az before I leave, and so far we had only made it to 2 places – Thee Pitts Again and Al Forno’s… So after contemplation- We decided to go to Giuseppe’s on 28th, and we shared our meal, and it was delicious. I still feel like I should be working out tonight, like I’m cheating, and cheating doesn’t help my situation at all. My mom says I deserve a day to myself, but to me I feel like I should just cut back, ya know just do a 20 minute workout instead of the normal 60-80 minute workout. That way its enough to make me feel like I did something but is also a break from the normal. I dunno, I’m just not sure what I should do. Want a break, but feel the need to keep it going.

Wish me luck.

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