Ok so I meant to restart this the day I started Turbofire, but I forgot, so here it is day 7 of turbofire so I’ll give you my first week’s synopsis of how things went and then hopefully I’ll be updating almost every day after this!

So since I don’t have a whole lot of money right now I figured I’d do this the longest that I possibly can, so for starters – I am doing the prep, am I in good enough shape to start regular, probably, will that make for slower results in the beginning possibly, but right now it was more of how do I get the most out of this, so I am starting with the prep, then doing the classic, then I’ll do get the advanced dvds, and then lastly I’ll do the ChaLEAN Extreme hybrid, and overall that takes me up to just about a years worth of training with Turbofire!


01/07/2011 – Day 1 – Fire 30/Stretch 10

This was my first time working out in a couple of weeks, and I thing it was a good place to start. I noticed right away that it was an amped up version of turbojam. It used all the same moves that I know and love, just quicker and with more power. It was a little tricky though, trying to get used to speed. But I finished it, and made it through the entire workout, at probably a level 8. Which is good. Next time I’ll try for level 9. I loved the Stretch though, it was calming, although I do definitely miss the tai chi at the end of the turbojam workouts…

01/08/2011 – Day 2 – Stretch 40

Yoga!!! But not just a regular yoga, a turbo yoga, not meaning fast, but it targets your core during the entire workout! More than I expected at least! Although I did find a new favorite ab exercise during this! You wrap the band around your feet and then hold the handles at your chest for resistance and push your feet out while leaning backwards! IT WORKS, but its really entertaining to do!

01/09/2011 – Day 3 – REST!

Nick (boyfriend) made fun of me for doing just 2 day then a recovery day, but I have to say, I like it, It makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something before taking a day off, but isn’t overwhelming by being a full week away. Sometimes you can look at that day off at the end of the week and think, good god how am I going to make it all the way through 6 of these workouts before a day off! So I like it, its something I realized after doing Chalean Extreme, that I would definitely be doing days off in the middle instead of at the end, this so happens to also be a sunday for me, which is good because between football and Nick being home I don’t have much time to workout, the day is spent doing a million other things. So good accidental timing on my part =]

01/10/2011 – Day 4 – Tone 30

I really enjoyed this workout! I really felt like I got a good resistance workout using the resistance band that comes with the program. And I also like that it works both upper and lower body at the same time which means a shorter workout, and who doesn’t like to do double duty and get it done faster!

01/11/2011 – Day 5 – Fire 45 EZ/Stretch 10

This was a hard day for me, I had so much stuff to do, that I just ran out of time. Nick and I had to go to the local pub for a practice Dart night (he is on a dart team, and they play on wednesdays and its the start of a new season, so that meant getting ready). And I wanted to be there for him, so I did as much as I could to get everything done, but when we left for darts I wasn’t even close. So I looked at my to do list and saw workout on there, and decided it would just have to wait till I got home from the pub. I managed to eat healthy at the pub (having a buffalo chicken wrap with a side salad with lemon wedges instead of dressing) and then when we got home Nick reminded me and pushed me to work out. I am very grateful that he did, but it did remind me that working out last thing in the day can be difficult, you’re running out of energy before you even start your workout, and then by the time its done you’re just beyond exhausted. It was a hard workout, I’m used to the the turbos that go crazy for a few mins and then you get a break, but this one didn’t have that, It was just cardio straight through, and made for a really tough workout. But i did it!

01/12/2011 – Day 6 – Core 20

Again- I really like this workout! The moves were not hard, but they were exact and they were effective! I felt it half way through the workout, and immediately knew the next day I would be sore (and man am I!) It was also dart night, but we managed to eat at home (chicken sandwiches) and I only had water at the pub. Its refreshing to know that I can do stuff like that. It was also a rough day because it was a snow day (we got 15 inches in about 12 hours!) so Nick was home, and although I love having him home, good lord is it hard to focus!

01/13/2011 – Day 7 – Stretch 40, end of week 1!

So today is yoga again, I think I’ll like that after the week, a nice way to end it. I’m very proud of myself for how i’ve been able to eat healthy and get so much stuff done in a week’s time! Tomorrow is my weigh in and Nick thinks I’m down a good 3.5 lbs, but I’m just hoping for 1.4, to put me under 150 lbs! We will find out tomorrow…. Below are my before stats, as you can see I’ve let myself go a little since the end of ChaLEAN Extreme, and although there is no excuse, I did let life get in the way, and I won’t ever let that happen again!

Weight – 151.2 lbs
Body Fat – 31.9%
Body Water – 46.6%
Bone Mass – 7.2 lbs
Muscle Mass – 42.7 lbs

Waist – 32.25″
Hips – 40.5″
Chest – 37″
Right Arm – 12.75″
Left Arm – 12.75″
Right Thigh – 21.5″
Left Thigh – 21.5″

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