Tweezerman Smooth Finish

Tweezerman1I’m not afraid to admit it…  I’m part Italian, and I have a little facial hair that I need to keep in check.  (quite frankly I think all women do…)  My skin is beyond sensitive and with the allergies I have to be careful as to what is in wax and the after wax cream…  I came across this at Ulta and it was exactly what I was looking for!

The concept of this is that it tweezes a bunch of hairs at once by twisting them in a spring.  If you’ve ever just tried to pull a couple hairs on your lip you know how painful that can be.  And this does hurt at first.  Its actually a little shocking how pricking the pain is.  But your skin adjusts quite quickly and after the second pass you’re used to it.

Tweezerman2This does make super quick work of hair removal.  I wouldn’t say its quite as thorough as waxing is though.  You do have to make sure you’ve gotten everything and it does take a couple passes to actually get everything.  However better than waxing, the redness left behind is super brief!  Because its only removing the hair and not a layer of skin with it the redness lasts minutes instead of hours.  So, if you don’t like waxing, or can’t wax I definitely recommend it!  Its perfect for my needs. and in 5 minutes I had a hairless lip and in 15 minutes I looked back to normal.

For more information on these, click here.

On another note-

Watch Out Revlon, Mink Brings Makeup to the 3D Printing Market 

I saw this on Google news today, and I wanted to see your opinions.  Its a 3d printer for makeup.  It allows you to turn any color into cosmetics.  Would you buy it?  I wouldn’t and here’s why.  Cosmetics aren’t just about color.  They are about texture, formulation, finish, lasting power, and packaging.  Yes on occasion I wish I had an eye shadow and I can’t find the color in the store.  (matte red for example, and really I found one but I didn’t want to spend $20 for an eye shadow that I wasn’t going to use regularly)  But more often I buy makeup for the different formulations and finishes.  Cheap lipstick definitely feels and lasts differently than luxury ones, as they should.  And the packaging.  And I know we shouldn’t be buying cosmetics for the packaging, but we do.  TooFaced is cheeky and fun, Urban Decay is sleek or edgy, Hourglass is sleek, Chanel is luxurious.  And we buy them because in addition to the amazing formulas, it looks nice in our purse or on our vanity.

I hope everyone has had a great week!  I’ve got some pretty awesome videos in the works (pulled pork, fake out chicken cordon bleu, fire five, brush cleanser, etc!)  Keep checking back!

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