Updated of Disappointment…

So its been a few weeks since I’ve tried the Garnier Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil and I wanted to give a second look update.  And I have to say I’ve been kind of disappointed in this product.

First off, on my hair.  It just doesn’t really work.  It turns my roots into an oil slick and if I put it just on my ends the ends are super soft and shiny but the rest isn’t.  It just looks strange.  I feel like every way I’ve tried to put it on my hair just deposits too much.  Maybe its because my hair is so fine, the same happens when I use CHI Silk Infusion.  But doesn’t happen with Silk Therapy or Super Skinny Serum.  So, it just doesn’t work with my hair.  Bummer.

Unfortunately my skin is just entirely too sensitive to feel comfortable using this regularly on my face.  I’m still having some reactions to the retenoid that I’m using, and I don’t want to make it worse so I’m just sticking with minimal facial products right now.  Although I have used it on my neck and decolatage and that seemed to work wonderfully.

As for my skin, I love it on my skin, but only if my skin isn’t ridiculously dry in the first place.  I noticed that its just not moisturizing enough to be used on its own during this super dry winter months (it seems to be at first, but within a few hours, its dry and itchy skin again).  However, my legs have never felt silkier after shaving than with using this and a light lotion.  If used with a lotion under it expect greatness.  That being said though, I don’t know if its worth it to get this when you have to use a lotion underneath it.  This might be a different story in any other season.  One girl in this campaign used it on her dry cracked heels and within 5 days they were no longer dry or cracked.  That gives me hope for the summer (which is when I get dry cracked heels).

It did manage to breathe some life back into my tattoo (which fades drastically when my skin is dry)

It did manage to breathe some life back into my tattoo (which fades drastically when my skin is dry)

Overall, I’d give this 3 stars out of 5.  Mostly because it does feels super silky and soft on skin, and has a delightful smell.  Its just not right on my hair or my face.  Although I do thank BzzAgent for allowing me to try this product for free.   Irregardless of if I like the product or not, I do like the opportunity to sample, try and review products.

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