week off from moving

So, I tried to workout while on the road, but gave up after the first 2 days… So I just ended up taking that week off and tacking on an extra week to the end of the lean phase. So, here are the results as of this week…

Weight – 135.4 lbs
Body Fat – 26.5%
Body Water – 50.7 %
Bone Mass – 6.8 lbs
Muscle Mass – 42.5 lbs

So, I am up a few pounds, thanks to the move, not eating healthy, and lack of working out for an entire week plus another week of being OVERLY stressed out. I know that stress takes a toll on your body, I’ve seen it happen to me and to other people, unfortunately when it does strike really bad there isn’t much you can do about it. I tried my best to cope, although I did eat a few too many chocolate chip cookies one night, I did pretty good all things considered, but I still was up 1 pound from last week. This week I am determined to not sweat the small stuff, although the majority of what is killing me is all larger stuff… It will all work out in the end.

I didn’t write down a breakdown of all the different workout this last week, but I will sum them up the best that I can.

Circuit 1 was hard but harder because i felt like I really needed a 12 pound weight for a lot of it and I don’t have one. The push ups are KILLER and I was really excited about the plank tricep, and did pretty good, although couldn’t do the whole thing on my toes this week.

Circuit 2 was also hard, and made my neck hurt which means I was trying to lift too heavy and ended up shrugging my shoulders too much I will definitely pay attention to this next week. I don’t want huge neck muscles I want really nice back and shoulders =]

Fat Burn Intervals/Abs seemed to be shoulder oriented, which was only hard because my shoulders were so beat from circuit 2 that there were things that I couldn’t finish all the way through because they seemed to fail here too, even at only 5 lbs. The ab workout was interesting, I didn’t feel like it hurt my abs so much but the next day I felt them so I guess it worked better than I though which is always a good thing.

Circuit 3 is more shoulders, luckily by this point my shoulders were doing much better and had recovered enough to finish the workouts. It was also chest and abs which was nice, my pecs hurt for the entire next day which made my boyfriend laugh, but overall a good workout. I enjoyed the army crawl and all the push ups.

Fat burn and recharge was nice, the cardio was a little longer and a little more focused on the lower body which was good. My butt and thighs definitely felt it over the next couple days. My inner and outer thighs hurt to climb stairs and walk normal. Again entertaining for the boyfriend and every once and a while I do enjoy a good pain from a workout. Makes me feel like I really kicked my butt the day before.

Next week I am going to push harder and make sure to go all out, 11 out of 10 on the scale!!!

I’m going to end off with my goals, I’ve been writing them down and I might as well tell them to you guys while I’m at it.

1- Eat Cleaner and healthier foods. Try to get away from evening snacking.
2- Be more active in general… Run more, walk more, play more.
3- Drink more water, minimum of 9-10 cups a day.
4- Try to track my intakes as much as possible.
5- Start to read a book, whatever I can find in the boxes right now since I’m done with my magazines
6- Lose 1.4 lbs putting me at 134 lbs.
7- Reduce body fat by at least .3% putting me at 26.2%
8- Raise body water percent by at least .3% bringing me up to 51%
9- Clean up house a little more, help with dusting, swiffering floor, cleaning kitchen, etc…
10- Make a decision on the job front.

Wish me luck

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