Weigh in day!

Alright guys! Today is 1 week since I decided to change my life for good! So here are my results from my weigh in!

Weight – 150 lbs
Body fat – 30.8%
Body Water – 47.6%
Bone Mass – 7.2 lbs
Muscle Mass – 43.6 lbs

So that means I lost 1.2 lbs, 1.1% body fat, my water went up by 1%, bones stayed the same and my muscle mass went up by .9 lbs!

All went in a good direction! I’m happy, although I wish I would have gone down just .2 lbs more to bring me under that 150 lb range, but I guess its something to look forward to next week.

thanks to wowy for keeping me accountable (click my website at the side to check it out a little)

today is Fire 45 EZ, which I’ve already found is not ez at all… It will kick my ass! but thats a good thing, as for now, its breakfast time!

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