Well into week 2

Well, I’ve started week 2 with my weigh in yesterday and Fire 45ez and Stretch 10, and then today Stretch 40!

Yesterday’s was hard, but I noticed I was able to do much more than the time before, which was refreshing to notice. Nick was watching part of the time and I think that pushed me a little to prove that I could do it! He ended up tagging me in a post on facebook stating how intense my workout was and that he could never do something that coordinated! It made me laugh!

Todays was relaxing, I absolutely love this yoga, its by far my favorite out of all the yoga’s I’ve done in the past (except bikram of course, but who can afford that now adays, right? someday I’ll get back there!) But as for now, I adore Stretch 40, its just intense enough, with the right amount of relaxation mixed in! I love the end with the walking you through relaxing, it was my favorite part about Bikram, and its such a fabulous note to end on with this one as well!

Tomorrow is my day off, which is kinda nice! Its football Sunday, and the Patriots are playing, so you better believe this apartment is going to be crazy! Which btw- I finally hung up all the pictures, so our apartment finally started to look like a home!

I hope everyone is enjoying the playoffs right now! I’m off to go watch them now!

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