Its been a really long time since I’ve written on here, it just got to be too hard to write in so many different places. I lost my motivation with p90x, Tony Horton was just starting to annoy me, and after 5 months of listening to him (2 for power90 and 3 for p90x) its understandable I suppose. So, I and giving that a break. After a few weeks off, just doing random other stuff I decided I needed something else to do. So I’m going to do ChaLEAN Extreme starting tomorrow and I am going to do a review of it. Seeing as how there aren’t very many reviews of it out there, and I want to see how it is for someone who has already completed p90x, if it is worthwhile, if it still gives great results, if it maintains what you already have. So I will be posting on here once a week how things are going with the workouts, I’ll post up my worksheet logs and my weekly weigh ins.

Wish me luck!

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