For starters, I decided to do a April Selfie Challenge, where I took a picture of myself every morning to see how I changed over the month and see all the different makeup I did.  May is Make faces May, so at the end of the month stay tuned for that video.  Here is Aprils!

Some of you may have noticed some big changes coming over the last couple of weeks.  And I’m here to tell you more changes are still to come!  I’ve decided to jump head first into my blogging and vlogging.  After a couple years off of filming I realized how much I really enjoyed it.  So I’ve decided to start it up again and I wanted to give you guys a run down of what I plan on doing.

This channel was my original and I am still going to use it.  My goal is to post new recipe tutorials every week on Wednesdays with the occasional fun video thrown in.  (Recently I posted ‘Fake Out’ Pad Thai, and I have easy fajitas waiting to be edited.  Plus I plan on doing a video on my top go to knives and favorite kitchen gadgets!)

This channel is the new one!  Whereas the other channel is focused on food this one is going to be focused on beauty and style inside and out.  I recently posted my April Favorites, there will be one of these each month to let you know what I’m loving!  Plus videos on my favorite makeup tips and tricks, the journey of my skincare (which is currently a huge work in progress see here and here) among fun videos like my upcoming Fire Fives (the five things you’d grab it you had to run from a fire, figuratively of course) plus fashions I’m loving and of course haul videos to show off my shopaholic nature.  One video will be posted every Tuesday with an occasional bonus video on Friday!

Finally this is more of a personal channel for you to see what we’ve been up to!  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be posting from this past weekend with the Taste Of Home Cooking School and our bonfire.  Nothing too crazy but with all of our house stuff happening I figured an additional place to put that would be a good idea.  No set posting days for this, so check back often, or even better subscribe!

In addition to that I’m going to be making some more changes to this site.  Mostly just to reorganize to make it easier for you to find things.  I am really excited about all of the things I have going on right now.  I hope you’ll subscribe to these channels so you don’t miss out on any of the fun content that’s coming!  You’re also welcome to follow me on twitter (reallaurenrenee), instagram (reallaurenrenee) and facebook (laurenrenee2112).  Sometimes I post teasers and questionnaires there!  Its a new journey and after all the “Joy truly is in the journey” (to quote my tattoo)

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